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Starlight Home Entertainment distributes independent films and documentaries. This website was created to promote their films for distribution between approximately 1998-2007. Eventually's domain registration expired the and the site disappeared from the web.If you were a fan of Starlight Home Entertainment films this page, reconstructed from the site's achieved pages should bring back found memories.

My girlfriend really enjoys "Girls Behaving Badly" (2002). In fact just recently we were watching an episode of this hidden-camera show that's part "Sex and the City" and part "Candid Camera." If you are not familiar with the show "Girls Behaving Badly" features a group of wacky actress-comediennes who pull pranks on unsuspecting victims (usually men). Every reaction is caught on tape for the audience to enjoy. We were laughing so hard at one point in the show that I spilled red wine on our oriental rug. It cost me $400 to get that rug cleaned and that stain removed. After getting the rug back, my husband was in the yard playing Frisbee with our rather famous Queens Assistant District Attorney Benjamin Pred and asked him if we had a case to sue the program to pay for our rug cleaning. Ben rolled his eyes and threw the Frisbee onto the roof. Message received. Let me say that the next time we watch an episode of Girls Behaving Badly, I am going to be way more careful.

Perhaps some of these titles will inspire you to check out some of these movies again. Enjoy your nostalgic adventure.



Dangerous Child

• Delta Burke (TV's "Designing Women", What Women Want)

• Ryan Merriman (The Deep End of the Ocean)

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Sally Chapman, a divorced mother repeatedly covers for her son's outbursts and disturbing acts of violence. By doing so, she unknowingly sets herself up as the abuser. It's not until she witnesses the hate in her son's eyes and the fury of his punches that she begins to fear for her life. Petrified by his unpredictable rages, Sally desperately seeks help from anyone who can intervene. What she finds is that there's no place to turn when it is the child inflicting the abuse upon the parent. Her nightmare is complete when she ends up in jail and her son is sent to the hospital after attacking her. Will Sally finally reveal the truth about her son... in order to stop her teenager from harming others?

DRAMA. Not Rated. 91 minutes.


Just Ask My Children

• Virginia Madsen (Candyman, Dune)

• Jeffrey Nordling (TV's "Once and Again")

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A picture-perfect family finds itself in a harrowing nightmare when false molestation hysteria hits their quiet suburb in this tragic tale.

Brenda and Scott Kniffen are accused of child molestation and physical abuse. Without a shred of evidence, the authorities arrest them and take their two young sons into protective custody. Through relentless badgering, the impressionable children are coerced into testifying against their parents. After an agonizing nine-month trial, the Kniffen's are sentenced to life imprisonment for crimes they did not commit. Finally after 12 years, the truth of the case is finally revealed and the original verdict is reversed. The Kniffen's are freed from prison, the family is reunited, but irreparable damage has already occurred by a justice system out of control. Based on a True Story.

DRAMA. Not Rated. 91 minutes.


Another Woman's Husband

• Gail O'Grady (TV's "NYPD Blue")
• Lisa Rinna (TV's "Melrose Place")

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Twenty-five years after she witnesses her brother's drowning death, and despite her successful career as a psychologist, Laurel (Lisa Rinna) turns to a local swimming instructor for help in conquering her paralyzing fear of the water. For Susan (Gail O'Grady), the pool is her salvation, the only place she's ever felt confident and successful.

As Susan helps Laurel tackle her phobia, the two begin developing a bond. As the student learns to swim, the teacher learns to confront her own lifetime of troubles. The two share a special friendship created by trust and openness. They experience the ultimate test in friendship when they find out that they also share something else: the same man. Based on a true story.


Invisible Child

Rita Wilson (That Thing You Do, Sleepless in Seattle)

• Victor Garber (TV's "Alias", Legally Blonde)

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Annie (Rita Wilson) is the perfect wife and loving mother of two children, who believes she has a third child named Maggie… only Maggie does not exist! Her husband Tom (Victor Garber), hires Gillian (Tushka Bergen) to become their nanny. The whole family has played along with Annie’s delusion for years, hoping it would pass. Gillian is asked to do the same. Months later, Gillian decides to try and help Annie and does some research on her own. Unintentionally, she alerts authorities who launch an investigation. Will she be responsible for having Annie institutionalized, and taken from her family... a family that Gillian has grown to love?

DRAMA. Not Rated. 93 minutes.


Taking Back Our Town

• Laura Innes (TV's "E.R.")

• Ruby Dee (A Raisin in the Sun, Jungle Fever)

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Pat Melancon (Laura Innes), a housewife, and Emelda West (Ruby Dee), an elderly woman, have complained for years about the health hazards posed by their town’s industrial plants. They learn that an international conglomerate plans to build another plant and they are outraged. A town meeting is called. At the meeting, plant executives deny health problems, emphasize new jobs, and receive the town’s support. The relentless women petition hundreds of organizations for help. Requests are denied. In an effort to fight for what they believe, the two women continue their efforts at the risk of destroying their own personal lives. Will the town learn the truth about the hazards that are making their people sick... before it’s too late? BASED ON A TRUE STORY.

Drama. Not Rated. 92 minutes.



Nadine in Date Land

Available: Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Nadine (Janeane Garofalo), a quirky entrepreneur, owns a dating service that is failing. She realizes that getting a date isn't the hard part, but getting through the date is. She decides that what singles really need is a dating "coach." Nadine develops a "fool-proof" dating guide that will guarantee anyone love. But, in order to be credible and save her business she must become her own client and win the love of one of the city's most eligible bachelors.

The trouble is... she too has been unlucky in love. But...Nadine is determined to prove her faith in her new manifesto as she embarks on a mission of extreme dating and using any means necessary to get her man.

Run time: Approx. 90 Minutes


Mo'Nique's F.A.T. Chance 1 & 2

Available: Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Mo'Nique ("The Parkers") is on a quest to find large, fabulous, American women who are ready to show the world they have what it takes to become beauty queens. After a country wide search, 10 women were selected, flown to Los Angeles, and given special classes to compete in "Mo'Nique's Fat Chance" pageant. Celebrity judges, including NBA Great Shaquille O'Neal and Plus-Size Supermodel, Mia Tyler, evaluate them on a beauty, style, poise, personality and overall transformation. Ultimately, only one woman can be crowned Ms. F.A.T.

(that's Fabulous and Thick!) in each competition.

BONUS FEATURES: Trailer / Over 30 Personal Internet Vlogs From Mo'Nique / TV Spots: Exclusive Casting Highlights / The Movement Mission Statement / The Miss F.A.T. Anthem

Run time: Approx. 180 Minutes


Girls Behaving Badly: Volume One

Available: Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tag along with Oxygen Network's #1 hidden camera show "GIRLS BEHAVING BADLY" as they pull outrageous pranks on unsuspecting victims, boldly blurring the line between laughing with someone and laughing at someone. An outrageous hidden camera show with a distinctive feminine view. Part "Sex in the City" and part "Candid Camera!" Stars Chelsea Handler ("The Chelsea Handler Show") and Shondrella Avery (Napoleon Dynamite).

BONUS FEATURES: 9 High Risk Pranks, Celebrity Bios

Run time: Approx. 278 Minutes


Romancing The Bride

Available: Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Romancing the Bride is an outrageous romantic comedy about what happens when a bride with a perfectly planned wedding wakes up married to a perfect stranger twenty-four hours before her wedding. Melissa has traveled to Mexico for her perfectly planned dream wedding. Two days before the wedding she wakes up in bed, in a strange hotel room, next to an incredibly hot local named Carlos who tells her that they married each other the previous evening. She had been drinking and now has no memory of the night before. Melissa and Carlos embark on a 24 hour adventure to annul this mistake marriage so she can get to her original, perfectly planned wedding on time. Can she do it without anyone noticing?... And what about love-struck Carlos who is always getting in the way? Stars: Laura Prepon ("That '70s Show"), Matt Cedeno ("Days of Our Lives") and Carrie Fisher (Star Wars).

Run time: Approx. 90 Minutes


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